Great Wall Again

I need to stop with the “Again” posts. ;) So, in desperate attempt to relieve my late childhood, I tried to do the 10km hike on the wall again that I did 5 years ago. Unfortunately I didn’t remember precisely where I went for the hike. I thought it was Jinshanling to Simatai, but when we arrived (after a long bus ride with tons of tourist and McDonald’s for breakfast :( ), it didn’t look at all as I remembered. There were restaurants and a lift. I had a vivid memory of hiking up a hill passed huts to reach the wall. On top of that, the tour was advertised as a hike, but when we arrived we were told Simatai is closed and cannot be reached. Great, how about saying that when we booked?

After we actually arrived at the top, I was relieved. It was the same cool section of the wall I remember. A lot of parts not restored. I guess I took the back entrance last time. No souvenir stands in sight, luckily. ;) It is still very amazing, even the second time, to see the different sections of the wall and how it moves up and down the hills. We managed to do a small hike before we got worried that we wouldn’t make it back in time and turned around. Next time the full length! Also, during dinner afterward, we met a guy that spend several months at a Shaolin temple to train kung fu (12h a day). Not bad, which I had the condition for that…

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